My hero’s journey has brought me to the creation of my real estate brokerage and advisory company called, Bear Real Estate Advisors.

Matt Bear, Founder, Bear Advisors

The Quest

Until I was 17, I spent my entire Summer vacations in Montgomery, Alabama with my Sister, my Father and my Step Monster. She really is not a monster and never has been. She is however perhaps the funniest person on the planet and a world class Step Monster. The thing is, she not only approves of this fun-loving nickname…but I think she likes it. Part of my vacations was spent on a road trip to Fort Walton Beach, Florida with the family it always turned out to be a sort of quest. We’d pile into the Buick or the “French’s mustard yellow” Volvo, whose color pallet, fit in nicely with the avocado green refrigerator and orange shag pile carpet of the day, and hit the road heading south to the panhandle.

Being from Las Vegas, you see lots of things you wouldn’t see anywhere else. Hence the slogan, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” So, at the age of 15 I thought I’d seen everything, but apparently, I was wrong. We’d always stop to buy what we needed for the beach.  Now, purchasing beach paraphernalia at “Alvin’s Island” in the panhandle was, to this day a memorable experience. It was like rubbernecking, to look at a car wreck. A bad, bad car wreck. You know it’s wrong to be looking like that, but you can’t take your eyes off of the grizzly scene. It’s almost like you are hypnotized. The store reminded me of a cross between a “PT Barnum” styled freak show and a typical weekend at Wal-Mart. Weird stuff!  And lots of it.

In the early 80’s Chevy Chase starred in a movie called, “Vacation.” If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must. It’s lighthearted comic relief. At one point in the movie he proclaims, “it is no longer a vacation. It is a quest for fun!”  It is this idea of a quest, or the journey surrounding the quest that I want to explore with you in this blog. Our lives are a quest.

The late Joseph Campbell is arguably one of the greatest mythologist of the twentieth century. His legacy and understanding that quests are an integral part of mythology has culminated into a screen adaptation of his work called, “The Hero’s Journey.” I want to use the journey that all hero’s and shero’s must take to illustrate my point regarding the journey surrounding the quest. The diagram below lays out the hero’s journey.  Consciously or unconsciously we are all on it.

I just finished reading “The Churchill Factor.” For those of you who follow my blog, you know this isn’t the first book I’ve read about this great man, but it is the most concise.  Winston Churchill lived the Hero’s Journey. His narrative both personal and public fits into the diagram above. His beginning was filled with loneliness, disappointment, setbacks, rejection and public humiliation. Yet, he knew who he wanted to become and to that end, he found mentorship and the support from his wife and other true friends. In the middle of his life story, he answered his own call, his quest, and bent reality to manifest what he saw and believed for himself within the “theater of the mind.” He had a vision of himself within his mind. He did the work needed, the inspired action and he never stopped until he achieved his goal.   Sir Winston believed in his gift that he would make a difference in the world…and he did. He sought greatness. He prepared, he acted, and during World War II he led his nation and the world out of darkness and into hope and then prepared all players to take right action.

Our lives unfold like a story, there is a beginning, a middle and an end. Or as in the hero’s or shero’s journey Acts I, II & III.  We are all here for a purpose and we all have our own quest. Part of your quest is creating experiences, learning from them and building on them using your own uniqueness to make change within the world. You have what it takes to be the hero or shero in your journey. You are the star of your show, the scriptwriter and the director of the action.  Grant Cardone said, “everything is your fault, good and bad. Take responsibility for everything and move forward.” This doesn’t mean you are alone. Ask for help when you need it.  You are surrounded by allies, patiently waiting for you to take the first step in your hero’s or shero’s journey in your quest to truly live a memorable, inspiring life.

To that end, I am in Act II. I have seized the sword and I have the elixir in my grasp. My hero’s journey has brought me to the creation of my real estate brokerage and advisory company called, Bear Real Estate Advisors.

My new contact information is 702-710-1031. In the coming weeks I will continue to connect with you about my quest/hero’s journey by sharing my experiences with you in Act III