“Durability speaks to credit, in this case the hospital system’s credit and how important the location is to the area. It tends to be a very durable income,” Bear tells “Duration speaks to the length of the lease term, and generally doctors sign 15-year lease terms. Those two factors continue to be the reason why people invest in medical.”

Matt Bear, Founder

Commercial Real Estate Investing In A Changing Market: An Expert Adviser Weighs In

July 25, 2022 Bear Real Estate Advisors Emily Lynch, Studio B Writer

Commercial real estate investment volume dwindled across the nation in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. In 2021, the market made a dramatic recovery, with CRE investment hitting a record $746B in the U.S., up by 86% from 2020. Now, however, the market could be facing a decline once again because of interest rate increases and fears of recession.

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