“Durability speaks to credit, in this case the hospital system’s credit and how important the location is to the area. It tends to be a very durable income,” Bear tells “Duration speaks to the length of the lease term, and generally doctors sign 15-year lease terms. Those two factors continue to be the reason why people invest in medical.”

Matt Bear, Founder

The Two Reasons Why Investors Are So Bullish on Medical Office

Investors are always chasing two features in any investment property: durability and duration of income, according to Matt Bear, founder of Bear Real Estate Advisors. Healthcare offers both, and it’s the reason why investors are so bullish on the asset class post pandemic. Bear is offering insights into the resilience of healthcare investment market at the Healthcare conference currently underway, where he is speaking on the Standing Out From the Crowd: The Resilience of Medical Office panel. View the full article here:

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